“Pricing is the moment of truth.”
– E. Raymond Corey
Distinguished Professor of Marketing at Harvard Business School

Furious and PROPHET harness the power of data to inform optimal pricing.

There are three major levers an organization can pull to maximize revenue and increase profit:

  • Costs – both fixed and variable

  • Sales Volume – how many units you are selling

  • Pricing – what rate you charge

For years (decades even) there has been ample data and academic research, not to mention the intuition of most sales managers, that consistently shows that price is the most effective lever for impacting profit.

And yet, for years (decades even!) companies have spent more time and energy trying to cut costs and increase sales volume than on calculating the optimal price to charge for their products and services.

The Impact of Profit Levers

A 1% improvement in Price, has a greater impact on profit than lowering operating costs or increasing sales volume.

From Media sales to Manufacturing and every business in between, focusing on price can reap huge rewards. And yet, many companies don’t adequately invest in developing expertise in pricing as a strategic core competency.

Furious and our PROPHET platform harness the power of data and data science to develop smarter pricing and volume discounts and inform better forecasting.

Furious increases revenue while protecting market share.

Furious’ PROPHET platform combines Data Science and AI with market-specific expertise and your historical sales and inventory information to find the RIGHT price for your products allowing you to optimize revenue and increase profit.

Mid-Sized Manufacturing

In the manufacturing sector, pricing has been traditionally based on cost-plus models or simple mark-ups over standard cost. The systems and expertise to optimize pricing for profit across a large portfolio of products and sales channels has been beyond the reach of many
mid-sized manufacturing companies.

We Call it PROPHET for a Reason

Learn how and why we use data science and machine learning to automate processes to improve TV and video advertising yield optimization.

Media Advertising Sales

In Media Sales, volatility can lead to gut instinct and emotion
playing a bigger role in pricing than supply and demand.
Optimizing revenue in TV advertising can be accomplished
by intelligently adjusting the pricing of
your existing inventory.

TV Advertising Resource Library

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