Sellers in many other large industries like manufacturing, automotive, travel and retail face a very simple business problem; they are selling more things, to more people, in more places, and their clients are using data and technology to drive down prices and sources from multiple suppliers.

Sellers require a level playing field of technology, data and software to connect their systems, data and people, automate and speed highly manual business processes, and optimize revenue and profit. This is what PROPHET provides to media and advertising sellers.

TV and video distributors, whether traditional cable and satellite operators or OTT-only, are often in a unique position of knowing their customers better than anyone in the media industry. Whether household data, IP address or authenticated social media profiles, distributors are the first to have viewership and behavioral data available to target, ‘address’ and improve the advertising revenue yield of their audiences.

PROPHET connects sales transaction and viewer data to help distributors maximize the value of audiences and help best produce, price and manage inventory on a continual basis to ensure business performance is continuously improved.

Local stations and broadcasters have unique businesses that require different considerations when working to maximize yield. Whether the challenge is to optimize, price and package your morning news inventory or the balance between your upfront and scatter allocations, programmers need to constantly evaluate what, how many, at what price, to whom and when to maximize value of their portfolio. The challenge of optimizing yield gets more complex over time as 3rd party audience data and new sales channels are introduced, making revenue and inventory management harder and harder. Furious offers a clear line of sight to the results of pricing and planning decisions and tools to inform decisions to continuously improve business outcomes.