Price, package and manage inventory by accurately predicting demand using data-science.

At Furious, we focus on helping sellers maximize the yield of their TV and Video advertising portfolios. Our team has walked in our customers’ shoes and sat in our customers’ seats; we are purpose driven to deliver solutions making data driven revenue and inventory management a reality. There is no better partner for charting your journey of yield transformation than Furious.


Are you racing F1 with a Minivan?

The solutions used to run TV advertising businesses have not kept up with the pace of change.

Furious leverages data science to automate:

  • reporting
  • forecasting
  • pricing
  • inventory management

Spend your time taking action, not figuring out what action to take.


Do you get the most out of every spot you have available to sell?

PROPHET helps align pricing and planning functions across products and markets.

Ongoing yield is optimized to:

  • control price variances from rate card
  • identify inventory at risk of expiring
  • demonstrate where there is a lack of inventory to achieve revenue targets

Recognize more revenue with greater ease and time savings.


Do you know what to do to make your data do more for you?

PROPHET is an integrated platform that works seamlessly with present and future architecture and systems.

PROPHET eliminates excel-driven, manual processes like:

  • creation and update of rate cards
  • inventory status and allocation
  • alerts and notifications on changes in the business that will impact yield

Reduce your costs and free up your team to do revenue-generating work.

Spinning Data into Gold White Paper

PROPHET enables your data to tell a story and work harder for you.

At Furious we take the most advanced state of the art optimization and forecasting algorithms known in the Data Science industry and enhance them using domain specific knowledge gained by working the industry’s largest sellers of TV advertising as customers. We combine media domain expertise and the unique expertise of our in-house data science team in best of breed adaptive and robust algorithms to deliver unprecedented accuracy, reliability and results using client specific sales data.

The business logic that powers PROPHET is:

  • Customized
  • Highly accurate
  • Self-correcting
  • Uses Machine Learning to continuously improve
  • Continually being improved by a world class in-house data science team using proprietary algorithms specialized for the media and advertising industry

Take back control of your advertising business with PROPHET.

PROPHET Provides:

  • Highly accurate, continuously improving demand and inventory forecasting
  • Automated rate cards which reduce revenue leakage and increase yield
  • Accurate and timely line of site to capacity, avails and sellout for high value programming
  • Deeper understanding of risks and necessary action with automated alerts and notifications
  • Configurable tools analyzing assessing business impact of pricing and planning decisions
  • Automation of approvals, changes and other key decisioning workflows to save time and implement better control processes

Manage yield and maximize revenue with greater ease and confidence with PROPHET.

The  television advertising business is more complex than ever, with new addressable and advanced ad products, an explosion of new distribution platforms, all of which are powered by data and technology and resulting in exponentially more data and variables to manage for sellers. PROPHET connects the variety of systems and data powering your ad business, and works hand-in-hand with them. This enables unified TV advertising yield optimization across all sales channels, platforms, formats and clients, enabling you to continually optimize your advertising portfolio.


Learn how PROPHET can help increase revenue, save time, reduce costs and optimize your advertising yield.