Dramatically increase revenue through data-driven pricing and inventory management.

At Furious, our passion is creating smart software solutions to
universal business problems.

Using your data and our advanced data science algorithms, Furious recommends optimal pricing and inventory allocation, reduces time spent on manual processes and equips your team with actionable business insights so you can make better business decisions.

Furious Works To:

  • Automate manual workflows, giving your people back valuable time
  • Use data and data science to help you understand what the right price is for all of your inventory and then help you manage that inventory for optimal results
  • Provide clear visibility into what you have for sale, what you’ve sold, to whom and for how much so you can make better decisions on what deals make the most sense


Or are they wasting valuable time on manual tasks and searching for the information they need?

Furious’ PROPHET platform automates the

  • Ingestion
  • Decoding
  • Connection

of multiple sets of data. Then we present that data back to you as actionable information.

Spend your time taking action instead of figuring out what action to take.


Pricing is the most impactful lever you have to increase profit.

Get that? How you price is insanely important. But are you investing in making sure you’re charging the right rate to maximize revenue?

Furious provides:

  • Data-driven pricing for optimal returns
  • Pricing controls to limit erosion and lost revenue
  • Inventory management solutions

Increase profit with data-driven pricing.


Furious integrates seamlessly with present and future architecture and systems.

Furious’ PROPHET platform gives your team unprecedented visibility into your entire enterprise. No more searching for information in disparate systems.

  • Reduce costs
  • Free up your team
  • Generate more revenue.

Furious puts your data to work for you.

Pricing Playbook

Learn how PROPHET can save time, reduce costs and increase revenue.

We know how hard you work. Is your data working as hard as you are?