Intelligence That Drives Sales Success

Empowered Sales = Empowered Businesses

Our platform PROPHET, gives sales teams visibility, intelligence and speed to deliver more revenue and profit.

  • Empower sales teams to manage sales, revenue and price with confidence
  • Automate manual sales and pricing processes resulting in more frequent and meaningful inputs for sales teams
  • Update pricing and discounting policies more frequently to reflect changes in the market and cost 
  • Ensure alignment of pricing strategies in an omnichannel landscape
  • Provide visibility and context around competition, changes in cost and the market to inform pricing decisions
  • Implement greater price controls and monitoring to minimize revenue leakage and maximize profitability
  • Use data science and machine learning to automate the delivery of optimized pricing recommendations
  • Gain tools to analyze revenue and profit impact of sales, segmentation and pricing strategies

There are 3 major levers an organization can pull to maximize revenue and increase profit:

  • Increase Sales Volume – how many units you are selling
  • Decrease Costs – both fixed and variable
  • Adjust Pricing – what price you charge

For years (decades even) there has been ample data and academic research, not to mention the intuition of most sales managers, that consistently shows that price is the most effective lever for impacting profit.

And yet, for years (decades even!) companies have spent more time and energy trying to cut costs and increase sales volume than on calculating the optimal price to charge for their products and services.

Source: DataCrunch

A 1% improvement in Price, has a greater impact on profit than lowering operating costs or increasing sales volume.

From every business, focusing on price can reap huge rewards. And yet, many companies see pricing as a lever and competitive advantage to maximize revenue and increase profit. 

Furious and our PROPHET platform harness the power of data and data science to provide pricing and volume discount recommendations that not only improve financial results, but also provide better demand signals to inform better forecasting.

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A skilled and inspired teacher who is able to make accurate predictions that others can follow with confidence.
At Furious, we know how hard you work, because we have walked in your shoes, trying to use data to make decisions with only excel, and then cobbling together tools to make it to try to make it easier. We started Furious and built PROPHET because we knew there was a better, easier, faster way to generate revenue, increase profits and WIN. And that’s exactly what PROPHET does.
PROPHET harnesses data, data science and technology to help you better PRICE your products and work SMARTER, not HARDER. Gone are the days of repeating the same manual processes, creating infinite spreadsheets, and wishing there were a better way. There is. And it is PROPHET.

Your data is one of your most valuable assets. Are you using it to your greatest benefit?

If you have an accounting system, we can make it easy for you to do so.


  • Easily ingests DATA YOU ALREADY HAVE from multiple sources
  • Presents data to your sales and business teams in  HIGHLY VISUAL AND INTUITIVE  dashboards
  • MONITORS your data and provides ALERTS based on business rules your teams create 
  • Uses Data Science to update and automate pricing to continually optimize REVENUE and PROFIT

The Team Behind the Product

We have an awesome product. We have even more awesome team members. Founded in 2013, Furious is a software solutions provider made up of business leaders, mathletes, black belts (six sigma) and geeks that love technology who’ve poured more than 8 years of passionate hard work into PROPHET.


We know how hard you work. Is your data working as hard as you are?

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