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As a part of our contribution as thought leaders in the industry, Furious has a blog about relevant and timely subject matter for the manufacturing industry; downloadable content in the form of playbooks, white papers and articles; and educational videos to keep you up to date on the latest industry trends.

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What Is Not Measured or Shared
Is Not Managed

Do CRM, customer relationship management, platforms really help salespeople sell? We asked executives across industries. Here’s what they had to say.
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Transform Pricing into a Competitive Advantage Using AI and Increase Profit by 5% in 12 Months

Learn how you can increase profit and revenue despite increasing costs and competitive pressure in your market by transforming price into a competitive advantage.
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Spinning Data into Gold
How Data Science Improves
EBITA for Manufacturers

Here’s a step-by-step plan for CFOs, other executives and their teams to use data science to improve operational and financial performance.

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How Pricing Controls
Can Prevent
Revenue Leakage

I’d like to begin with a bold statement: If you haven’t updated and refreshed your pricing across your entire portfolio…

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Call to Action for B2B to Transform Pricing Into a Competitive Advantage

Mid-market ($10M to $1B in annual revenue) B2B manufacturers (MMB2B) are typically more capital constrained than industry leaders…

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How Portfolio Optimization for Manufacturing Is Similar to Investing in Securities

At Furious, we focus on helping sellers maximize the yield of their product portfolios—a concept that occasionally confuses people …

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Spinning Data into Gold
in Manufacturing

How Data Science Improves EBITA for Manufacturers


How Automating Pricing Helps B2B Manufacturers Increase Revenue

The Six Areas of Pricing & Processes


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How to Turn Pricing Into a Competitive Advantage

Price is the most effective profit lever. Learn how pricing floors and other controls can maximize your manufacturing business’s profits.

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Is Price Variability Killing Your Bottom Line?

Price variability is limiting your profitability. Learn how to create business rules to reduce pricing variability and help your company succeed.

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What Is Six Sigma Pricing and How Can You Turn It Into a Strategic Advantage?

Pricing is your business’s secret weapon to boost profitability. Learn more in this 10-minute webinar.

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