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fu·ri·ous /fyo͝orēəs/ (noun)
1. A person who lives, works, and takes-on challenges with intense passion and energy.

At Furious, we believe that ideas and actions are contagious.

We believe that determination, tenacity and inspiration deliver results.

We are that team.

We are Furious.

Furious is more like a family than a company, and we consider our clients to be part of that family.

Founded in 2013, Furious is a software solutions provider made up of hard-core data scientists, manufacturing and media professionals, black belts (si sigma) and software developers who’ve poured more than 8 years of passionate hard work into PROPHET. PROPHET saves time through automation, increases revenue with data-driven pricing and discounting, and provides unprecedented visibility into your operation by automating the reporting and visualization of data back to your teams in the form of actionable insights.

At Furious, we turn your DATA into INSIGHTS, so you can turn those



Our team of analysts and data scientists are experts at organizing and finding signals in the noise of data then transforming it to tell a story and have built tools and technology to make it easier to do so. 

It’s this knowledge and experience that makes it possible for Furious to develop continuously improving pricing and discounting methodologies. By applying the right Data Science algorithms for your business, machine-learning, and AI, we can be sure we are recommending prices that will increase revenue and profit.

Furious’ PROPHET platform is the vehicle by which we scale and automate the pricing and revenue management process, including but not limited to: The delivery of pricing, Workflows around approving changes and price variances, and Monitoring pricing adherence.

If you already have an existing pricing strategy, it’s no problem! PROPHET can be used to automate and scale the delivery of an existing pricing strategy AND monitor pricing adherence.

The Furious Team

5 Furious Values

We love what we do and know we are the only team that could build what we’ve built. Our clients challenge us, and we appreciate the opportunity they give us to make a difference and solve their problems. We are honored to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Furious is more like a family than a company. And we consider our clients to be part of that family – we respect them, we fight for them, and we make sure they are always in a position to win.

At Furious, we eat big hairy problems for breakfast. Why get out of bed for anything less every day?!? To be Furious means finding joy in doing the work, and never doubting your ability to overcome anything that stands in your way.

What we do matters, and we get to hang our hats on creating real economic value. We help companies thrive, not just survive. So much so, every time we say we’re Furious, we feel the need to brush some dirt off our shoulders.

We are asking our clients every day to do things differently, take risks, be fearless and change; and change is hard. We wouldn’t ask if we didn’t understand what it takes to transform a team, a culture and a business.

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