Transforming pricing, revenue and inventory management with AI & Machine Learning.

Your data will only deliver value if it is used to make better business decisions. It’s time to re-think the manual processes that currently power how you price your products and inventory.

We call our platform PROPHET for a reason; it is the essence of who we are.

Furious Corp. is a team of media nerds and rocket scientists that have poured 7 years of hard work into our advanced automation platform, PROPHET.  We deliver more intelligent pricing horsepower than a spreadsheet could ever hope, making inventory management and pricing easier with improved revenue generation. We use your knowledge of your business, our media expertise, along with data science and machine learning to empower you to achieve exceptional results.

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fu·ri·ous /fyo͝orēəs/

  1. A person who lives, works, and takes-on challenges with intense passion and energy. 

proph·et /ˈpräfət/

  1. A skilled and inspired teacher who is able to make accurate predictions that others can follow with confidence.

We believe that ideas and actions are contagious. We believe that determination, tenacity and inspiration deliver results. We are that team. We are Furious.

The Furious Team

5 Furious Values

We love what we do and know we are the only team that could build what we’ve built. Our clients challenge us, appreciate us and empower us to make a difference. It is about how we are wired and not about what we say. Most importantly, it’s about the aperture with which to approach the opportunity to solve any problem. We are honored to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Furious is more like a family than a company. Every member has their unique quirks, and little goes unsaid. In fact, someone always says something ‘awkward’ at the lunch table, and yet we can never get enough family bonding. We’re like a family sitcom but without the canned laugh track.

We’re the type to stare down our problems and kick them to the curb. Why get out of bed for anything less every day?!? Working at Furious is like training for an iron woman; there are no shortcuts. To be Furious, you gotta find joy in doing the work—sweating, putting in the time, and never doubting your ability to overcome anything that stands in your way. We hate losing more than we love winning.

What we do matters, and we get to hang our hats on creating real economic value. We are helping an industry thrive, not just survive. We get to free up time in the day for insanely smart people to do more smart things. So much so, every time we say we’re Furious, we feel the need to brush some dirt off our shoulders.

We are asking our clients every day to do things differently, take risks, be fearless and change; and change is hard. We know that to be an ally in change, your emotional intelligence outweighs your intellect in spades. We have been our clients. We have walked in their shoes, and we understand what it takes to transform a team, culture and business.

Automated Pricing Solutions that Increase Revenue and Minimize Erosion

Every industry is growing increasingly complex and competitive, and costs are harder and harder to control. Setting price should be a strategic business function but is all too often relegated to the cost-plus multiplier and a spreadsheet. Companies require a more sophisticated and flexible approach to pricing to ensure that every dollar of revenue and profit are captured. PROPHET uses your data and data science to provide automated pricing solutions that save time and increase revenue. Furious will leverage your data and integrate with your existing sales and enterprise systems to make price a cornerstone to your success.

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TV & Video Advertising Yield Optimization through Automated Processes

Media advertising is growing increasingly complex. Sellers of TV & video advertising require a more sophisticated and flexible approach to pricing and inventory management. PROPHET uses your data and data science to automate processes – many of which exist in Excel today to improve TV & video advertising yield optimization. This can provide you with data-driven pricing, inventory and packaging decisions maximizing yield across your portfolio for the future. Furious will help you embark upon a yield transformation journey ensuring that even as your business may shift between spots and impressions, you can have confidence that yield and portfolio value are optimized.

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