Our Approach
Furious helps companies maximize revenue by using data and data science to accurately price inventory.

Take the guess-work out of inventory pricing strategy

There are three major levers an organization can pull to maximize revenue and increase profit:

  • Increased Sales Volume – how many units you are selling
  • Decreased Costs – both fixed and variable
  • Adjusted Pricing – what rate you charge

For years (decades even) there has been ample data and academic research, not to mention the intuition of most sales managers, that consistently shows that price is the most effective lever for impacting profit.

And yet, for years (decades even!) companies have spent more time and energy trying to cut costs and increase sales volume than on calculating the optimal price to charge for their products and services.

The Impact of Profit Levers

Source: DataCrunch

A 1% improvement in Price, has a greater impact on profit than lowering operating costs or increasing sales volume.

From Media sales to Manufacturing and every business in between, focusing on price can reap huge rewards. And yet, many companies don’t adequately invest in developing expertise in pricing as a strategic core competency.

Furious and our PROPHET platform harness the power of data and data science to develop smarter pricing and volume discounts and inform better forecasting.

Furious increases revenue while protecting market share.

PROPHET combines Furious’ state-of-the-art data science algorithms with your data and industry expertise to:

  • automate manual processes to save you time
  • recommend optimal pricing to maximize yield
  • turn your data into actionable insights

We turn your data into insights, so you can turn those insights into action.

It’s time to leverage Furious data science and enterprise technology to improve your operational performance and profitability.

Our product

We want to help you make the most of your resources, so you can
make the most of your business.

Your People
Your Inventory
Your Data

To set a strong foundation for success, Furious partners with client executives and key stakeholders to prepare your team for the successful implementation of data-driven pricing and planning. We don’t just offer the tool, we offer a partnership by providing comprehensive professional services that enable the successful deployment of PROPHET for our customers.

  • Create a detailed map of roles and responsibilities, touchpoints, interactions and reporting relationships
  • Assess the current state of workflows, business processes, and use of technology
  • Identify the root causes of sub-optimal performance
  • Create a detailed road map outlining opportunities to improve revenue and yield
  • Progressively shift your organization from a transactional mindset to a one of Yield Optimization by creating, maintaining and deepening confidence and trust among all the stakeholders

Our product

The Team Behind the Product

We have an awesome product. We have even more awesome team members. Founded in 2013, Furious is a software solutions provider made up of hard-core data scientists, media professionals, and software developers who’ve poured more than 7 years of passionate hard work into our advanced yield optimization platform: PROPHET.

Get to Know Our Team

We know how hard you work. Is your data working as hard as you are?

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