Our Approach
Yield Management is a Mindset.

Furious is the best partner to facilitate and help your organization define, equip and implement a yield transformation roadmap and strategy.

You know your business, people, systems, culture and customers. We know data science, the PROPHET platform, and how others have implemented PROPHET to obtain great results. Together, we will define a yield transformation roadmap and strategy and then energize your organization to embrace a new way forward.

Our goal is to provide the comprehensive professional services required to enable the successful deployment of PROPHET for our customers, from pre-deployment planning to post-deployment training and support.

We use established and tested methodologies to ensure an efficient and successful deployment of a custom solution, and then define and deliver the support and training required on an ongoing basis to deliver measurable ROI as soon as possible.

Furious brings years of experience both building and implementing software for media enterprises and combines it with best practices from other industries, along with the world’s leading data science to provide a robust and flexible platform  to optimize advertising yield.

We understand the key pillars of successful yield management and know how to successfully implement change.

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Let Furious help you start your journey to a yield mindset.

Our implementation and change management processes have successfully delivered improved results for several enterprise customers. This was accomplished by establishing a roadmap for yield maximizing early impact to revenue and methodically introducing new applications over time. This eases disruption to existing teams and ensures successful adoption. 

Furious initially develops a yield roadmap by working with clients to prepare for successful introduction of data driven pricing and planning, to improve financial performance. We:

  • Acquire and document detailed maps of existing system, workflows, roles and responsibilities, touch-points, interactions and reporting relationships
  • Assess the current state of workflows, business processes, and technology. Quantify and identify root causes of sub-optimal performance and opportunities to improve
  • Align by reviewing the findings and recommendations with key decision makers to determine, prioritize and plan actions
  • Act to develop, approve and begin to implement the detailed project plan to earn trust and sustained long-term commitment of all stakeholders to the ‘Yield Optimization Mindset’

At Furious, we believe that yield optimization is a strategic business function for sellers of TV and Video Advertising.

Furious combines a media domain with data science expertise. This allows us to provide solutions giving your teams a competitive advantage for improving financial results with speed and confidence.

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