Our Approach

Furious works with sellers of TV & video advertising to improve management and revenue generated from selling advertising.

TV Advertising Yield Optimization is a Mindset

No one knows your business, your people, your systems, your culture and your customers better than you. We know how to use data science and AI (with our PROPHET platform) to increase the revenue you generate from selling TV & video advertising. Together we define a yield transformation roadmap to automate inventory management and pricing with the goal of increasing the overall revenue generated from your advertising business while being sensitive and respectful of your organization’s adaptability and pace of accepting changes.

We don’t just offer the tool, we offer a partnership by providing comprehensive professional services that enable the successful deployment of PROPHET for our customers.

The Furious Team brings years of experience both building and implementing software for media enterprises. Our industry experience, use of data science and AI combined it with best practices from other industries, along with the world’s leading data science, provide a robust and flexible platform to optimize advertising yield.

We understand the key pillars of successful yield management and know-how to successfully implement change.

Gone are the days where Excel and manual processes enable consistent ROI from TV advertising sales.  It’s time to leverage Furious data science and enterprise technology to improve your operational performance and profitability.

Energize your organization to embrace a new way forward.

To set a strong foundation for success, at the beginning of any engagement Furious promptly conducts thorough assessments and, in partnership with client executives and key stakeholders, develops a yield roadmap that prepares your team for the successful implementation of data-driven pricing and planning.

  • Create a detailed map of roles and responsibilities, touch-points, interactions and reporting relationships
  • Assess the current state of workflows, business processes, and use of technology
  • Identify the root causes of sub-optimal performance
  • Create a detailed road map outlining opportunities to improve TV advertising revenue
  • Create project plans to realize the prioritized opportunities to improve revenue and yield
  • Progressively shift the organization from a transactional orientation to a “TV Advertising Yield Optimization Mindset” by creating, maintaining and deepening confidence and trust among all the stakeholders

We believe that TV Advertising yield optimization is a strategic business function for sellers of TV and Video Advertising.

PROPHET – A lighted path to greater Profit

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