PROPHET is a yield optimization platform that leverages your data and our data science to help you make better decisions, optimize pricing, and increase revenue.


  1. A skilled and inspired teacher who is able to make accurate predictions that others can follow with confidence.

At Furious, we know how hard you work, because we’ve been there – we’ve got more than 100 years of media and manufacturing experience in our ranks. We started Furious and built PROPHET because we knew there was a better, easier, faster way to generate revenue, increase profits and WIN. And that’s exactly what PROPHET does.
PROPHET capitalizes on data, data science and technology to help you better PRICE your inventory and work SMARTER not HARDER. Gone are the days of repeating the same manual processes, creating infinite spreadsheets, and wishing there were a better way. There is. And it is PROPHET.

Let your competitors rely on spreadsheets. PROPHET uses data science to increase yield by providing highly accurate forecasts to power dynamic pricing, inventory efficiency and workflow automation.

Success doesn’t have to be so difficult.

Pain ≠ Purpose

Your data is one of your most valuable assets. Are you using it to your benefit?


  • Ingests DATA from multiple sources
  • Cleanses and Normalizes that DATA
  • Finds Signals in the noise
  • Applies advanced Data Science algorithms
  • Presents actionable insights in an intuitive, easy to use interface called Mission Control


The Pulse View | PROPHET

The Pulse: Your daily dashboard that provides actionable information at your fingertips

Rate Grids / Cards: Using your data coupled with advanced algorithms and industry-specific knowledge, PROPHET recommends OPTIMIZED pricing for ALL of your inventory


Can INCREASE revenue by 10% and pay for itself

Where applied, PROPHET has found an average 10% of dollars left on the negotiating table due to a lack of tools to maximize price and manage inventory

And by automating manual processes, and centralizing data, PROPHET saves time and makes it faster and easier to sell.

Gain Insights on Our Approach

Founded in 2013, the Furious Team brings years of experience in both building and implementing software for manufacturing and media enterprises. Learn more about our approach in creating our unique PROPHET software.

We know how hard you work. Is your data working as hard as you are?

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