Let your competitors rely on spreadsheets. PROPHET uses data science to increase yield for media sellers by providing highly accurate forecasts to power dynamic pricing, inventory efficiency and workflow automation.
Pain ≠ Purpose

PROPHET leverages your data to help you make better decisions.

Pricing strategies have been traditionally driven by cost and competitors. Traditional pricing models are often simple cost-plus based, leaving immense opportunity to increase profit by implementing value-based pricing strategies. It begs the question are you leaving revenue on the table? PROPHET uses your data and data science to deliver and automate a process of continual pricing improvement based on value and demand.

  • Optimize revenue and yield
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Leverage data science to price, plan and allocate inventory
  • Forecast demand and supply with confidence


With more than 25 businesses’ data ingested into PROPHET to date, we have seen:

  • Average 10% revenue lift
  • Average 40% price variability (which implies pricing inefficiency)
  • Minimum 250 hours of time savings per employee, per year, with a single PROPHET application

Success requires different thinking coupled with precise and sophisticated platforms, fueled by a furious passion for measurable improvement in all aspects of your business. Let us help.

Let us help you identify the greatest source(s) of revenue leakage in your business.

We combine our expertise with data science and machine learning with your expertise in your pricing domain to empower you to achieve exceptional results.

YIELD OPTIMIZATION is the Use of Data and Data Science to Maximize Performance and Revenue for Sellers of Advertising

  • The two levers of yield are PRICE & INVENTORY
  • Accurate forecasting is the foundation of TV Advertising Yield Optimization
  • Effective Yield management is a closed loop process done at the campaign and portfolio level
  • Data science and machine learning, applied with media domain expertise are Furious’ core IP and competence

Furious is the Industry Leader for a Reason.

World Class

World-class data science and technical development teams in Israel and US client teams with decades of experience in media & manufacturing


Integrated and ingested >50 sources of data from media transaction platforms, financial systems and audience measurement providers


Configurable platform unifying data from existing vertical systems are accompanied by an agile implementation methodology; this results in speed and ease


Data ingestion IP that does not require APIs, but can automate from any source file format or system, and automate export

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