PROPHET is an enterprise-level, resource-planning platform for media companies that sits atop today’s (and tomorrow’s) transactional advertising sales and delivery systems. PROPHET aggregates data from various systems and scrubs, normalizes and automates ingestion and identifies actionable opportunities to increase revenue, automate sales operational workflows, and minimize risk. Automation increases revenue and profit, and most importantly frees up highly-skilled talent in your organization to do more strategic work. Revenue and inventory management, as well as pricing and planning teams become turbo charged to better manage the yield of your advertising business.

Furious provides you with a new way forward. It’s time to free your teams from hours of manual work and gain a line of site to your revenue and business that helps you chart the course of your future.

The ability to see future demand and accurately predict supply is essential for a seller to optimize revenue across all of their media, as well as minimize risk and liability. Accurate forecasting is required to optimize yield with confidence. This is the foundation of PROPHET, which focuses on key parameters such as:

  • Inventory [impressions]
  • Demand
  • Audience numbers and demographics
  • Revenue

Furious has found that the world’s leading data science is not enough to accurately forecast inventory for media–in particular TV and Video. Over the last 5 years, using our domain expertise and actual client data, Furious has developed a library of proprietary, advanced forecasting models that address the unique nature of media impressions. Machine learning and AI allow Furious to not only refine our algorithms for each client’s unique data fingerprint but also continuously improve predictive accuracy over time.

When you can see the future, you have a greater chance of changing it.

Pricing and inventory allocation are the levers of yield management. The ideal future state for yield management inside any organization is to sell the right inventory at the right price, at the right time, in the right amount. Rate cards and handshakes remain the driving force behind today’s media businesses. Therefore, the transformation to this ideal future state will occur over time; change will need to be managed.

To help identify key opportunities to improve yield and minimize revenue leakage, Furious has on-boarded more than 23 customers’ transactional sales data into PROPHET. As a result, we can improve efficiency in pricing through better creation, curation and controls around rate cards.

The path to yield transformation is not as easy as “flipping a switch.” PROPHET is able to shepherd that path in iterative steps that focus on progress. Ideally, this is often done by first delivering and automating more granular and frequent rate cards. This grants the organization the opportunity to begin adapting to a more data-driven pricing and planning process. The introduction of a more granular rate card, and the shift to a dynamic rate card (refreshed and adjusted based on future demand), is a natural next step. This paves the way to an ideal future state of price recommendations for every deal or business opportunity that PROPHET provides, with the goal to continuously optimize yield.

As more traditional businesses shift from reach-driven currencies–with which to package and sell inventory–to audience-based impression sales, inventory allocation becomes an equally important factor in yield management. The days of simply selling as much as possible to maximize revenue are over. As inventory management becomes more complex, excel is no longer able to manage all of the data and information necessary to ensure inventory is allocated in the most efficient way to optimize yield. The more products, currencies and sales channels you have as a seller, the more difficult it becomes to maximize revenue by simply selling as much as you can at the highest price. As more and more revenue is derived from audience-targeted products, cross product and channel cannibalization become inevitable and unforeseeable with only Excel as your toolkit. Although your portfolio’s effective CPM/rate has increased, your aggregate revenue remains flat or declines. Sound familiar?

We see the challenge of pricing, planning and managing inventory today to optimize yield to be similar to being asked to race F1 with a Datsun (no disrespect, Nissan).

As with forecasting, advanced data science and AI are used to refine the forecasting, pricing and inventory allocation algorithms for each clients’ unique data and business; and it’s used on an ongoing basis to continuously improve accuracy and yield as data is ingested day-to-day.

Forecasts power rate cards, pricing recommendations, inventory allocation and campaign pricing and planning tools that are custom configured in PROPHET for each client’s unique business needs. Furious does not custom develop, affording us the ability to custom configure with ease and often deliver automated reporting, pricing and planning tools for linear television within 90 days of starting. Our focus on media and yield optimization enables us to be agile and serve our clients evolving needs as they introduce new tools and processes across their enterprise, ensuring success and improved financial performance.